Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prevent Restart of Oi Nuke Plant!: Citizens disapprove of NISA's experts meeting on the stress tests results

On January 18, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency presented to the panel of nuclear experts the draft report on the results of stress test on reactors No. 3 and 4 of Kansai Electric Power Co.'s Oi power plant that concludes the idled reactors are safe enough to restart. The panel meeting was closed to the public: Citizens were unable to observe it directly nor on a monitor in a separate room. NISA violated rule of democracy by denying citizens' right for transparency on such a critical issue like this. Two of the experts, Dr. Hiromitsu Ino and Dr. Masashi Goto refused to leave the original room, maintaining that the discussions should be open to public. The meeting was held without their participation. The discussion of the panel meeting held under such abnormal circumstances could not have been exhaustive. In view of citizens, the meeting was deviated from a due process.
The writer of this article went into the meeting room a little after 4 p.m. with a person from Koriyama, Fukushima. Instead of going to the monitor room on the tenth floor, we headed straight to the eleventh floor where the meeting was held. There were about twenty citizens in the meeting room including Mr. Koji Sugihara of the Emergency Action on the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis.
We entered the meeting room smoothly. So did the others. The TV reports of 'forceful invasion in the meeting room by activists' were what they fabricated.
(By Takeshi Sakagami)
Video (Actor/Activist Taro Yamamoto); Photo Report by Seiichiro Nishinaka; Video (OurPlanet-TV)Photo: a female protester from Fukushima saying "Tepco executives and MEIT officials never understand how much we suffer!"


保安院は1月18日、関西電力大飯原発3・4号機のストレステスト結果を「妥当」とした結論をまとめ、意見聴取会に提出しました。しかしその意見聴取会は、市民を締め出し、直接の傍聴もモニタを通じた傍聴もない、密室審議でした。保安院は市民を完全に閉め出した状況でストレステストを妥当とする評価を出すという暴挙に出たのです。井野さんと後藤さんの2名の委員は、傍聴のない審議には応じられないとし、その会議には参加していません。意見聴取は十分行われたとはいえず、今日の会議は無効にすべきです。会議場には、杉原さんら市民20名余りが入りました。私は4時すぎに、少し遅れて郡山の方と10階のモニター別室ではなく、11階のリアル会議が行われている部屋に向かいました。テレビは「市民団体乱入」などと伝えていましたが、すんなりと部屋の中に入れました。乱入でも何でもありません。(阪上武) ・動画(山本太郎さんの発言)写真報告(西中)  ・動画(OurPlanet-TV)  *写真=「私たちの苦しみがわかるのか」抗議する福島の女性

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