Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nakama Union's Demonstration against Hashimoto's 'Reform': "It will only impoverish Osaka as a whole!"

Members of two chapters of Nakama Union in Osaka held a demonstration in front of the city hall on January 25 to protest against a series of aggressive changes that the mayor Toru Hashimoto has hastily been introducing under the name of a political reform. (Photo) Municipal employees and public school teachers belonging to the union chapters appealed in the flyer they distributed during the demonstration that Hashimoto's 'reform' lead to a full-scale impoverishment of the population of the city. The flyer reads, "Mayor Hashimoto attempts to slash the social welfare budgets.
Though it is true that increasing subsidies including welfare benefits are heavily pressing the municipal finance, it is a result of the national policy for which the municipal government cannot be blamed. The main cause of the wide-spread poverty is the deregulation regarding non-regular employment that the national government promoted in response to the request by business and industry. In order to alleviate the problem, the mayor should demand the national government to take measures including additional allocation of financial resources. However, he is opting for a massive reduction in welfare budgets instead, starting with the pay-cuts for municipal workers that are of an unbearable level. We strongly oppose to the policy of Mayor Hashimoto."




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