Sunday, February 19, 2012

JAL Unfair Dismissal Case: Plaintiffs mark the anniversary with demonstration in front of the airline's premises

Pilots and flight attendants who filed suit against Japan Airlines in January 2011 for unlawful termination of their employment conducted a demonstration on January 19 to mark the first anniversary of the institution of the lawsuit. The demonstration was held in front of a major showroom of the airline in Yurakucho, central Tokyo, where, coincidently, some 40 executives and high-ranking managers of the company including the president, Masaru Onishi, and his successor-to-be, Yoshiharu Ueki, were distributing pamphlets to passers-by for a sales promotion campaign. Nearly all plaintiffs of the case participated in the demonstration. Leading plaintiffs including Mr. Hiroya Yamaguchi, the leader of the pilots union group, Ms. Taeko Uchida, the leader of the cabin crew union group, Mr. Hitoshi Kiyota, the secretary of pilot union group, Ms. Yoshiko Saito, Mr. Hideki Yamazaki and Ms. Kyoko Shimomura made appeals on top of the vehicle parked in front of the JAL Plaza to request for public support to their struggle for justice through signature collecting campaign and other measures. "The members of the new executive board of the airline must be held responsible for the unlawful dismissal. The Chairman Inamori said in the court that it was obvious that the company was able to retain the plaintiffs employed (even under the on-going restructuring). The testimony will remain binding under the new management where he serves as a chairman emeritus without a representative right. The reinstatement of all of us is inevitable for the restart of the company as an airline that places the top priority on safety, " said Ms. Uchida in her appeal. (Excerpt from vol. 108 of Newsletter on the Unlawful Dismissal of JAL Employees)


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