Tuesday, February 7, 2012

World Conference for Nuclear Free World—“Post-3.11 Fukushima” Sets Off

Some 5,000 people from 33 nations including 100 experts from overseas gathered in Yokohama for the World Conference. Tomoyo Nonaka opened the conference by saying, “Fukushima disaster is not over yet. We will spend two days at this conference thinking about the ways to change ourselves amidst the ongoing, chilling disaster.”
“We will extend our support to the victims of Fukushima disaster with international solidarity,” said Tatsuya Yoshioka, who led the conference committee. “And we will successfully shift from nuclear energy to renewable energy.” Former Fukushima governor, Eisaku Sato, pointed out that nothing was realized out of five principles agreed in the international conference 20 years ago after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. Rebecca Helms (photo), EU parliamentarian, talked about how Germany suspended four plants immediately after the Fukushima disaster but suffered no shortage of electricity for eight months since. She added that the Japanese government should learn from other countries and overseas experts on behalf of the victims in Fukushima. (By T.M.) See photos.


33カ国100人の海外代表を含め5,000人が、横浜の脱原発世界会議に集まった。冒頭司会の野中ともよさんが「フクシマ事故は終了していない。背筋が凍るような進行形を抱えながら私たちが自分を変えるための何かを見つけるために2日間考えよう」と呼びかけた。吉岡達也実行委員長も「国際連帯の力で福島の犠牲者を支え、脱原発・自然エネルギーへ転換させよう」と呼びかけた。元福島県知事の佐藤栄佐久氏は「チェルノイブイリ原発の事故20年後の国際会議で決めた5原則が何も生かされなかったことが、フクシマ事故で明らかになった」と痛苦な反省を語った。欧州議会議員のレベッカ・ハルムスさん(写真)は、ドイツはフクシマ事故後すぐ可動原発の半分8基の原発を停止したが、8カ月経過して電力不足も価格高騰もなかった。日本政府は世界中の専門家の協力を求め福島の犠牲者のために、世界のために共に学ぶプロセスを開始すべきだと訴えた。(報道部 TM)・写真

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