Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shut Down All Nuclear Power Plants in the World—Year-end Occupy at METI Tent

More than 80 people gathered at the tent in front of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the countdown to 2012. Japan’s traditional red-and-white singing contest was held as a part of streaming program and featured Okinawan music and dance as well as Fukushima mothers speaking to abolish all nuclear plants. More than 20 groups, including regulars at Labor Festa like a group singing Korean labor songs and an Italian man who happened to jump in, sang their heart out on a theme of anti-nuclear and Occupy. Social Democratic Party President Mizuho Fukushima stopped by before the countdown, which was called out with the people who are occupying in South Korea. Japan celebrated the new year with Champaign, while Korea lit candles on a cake. They both wished for the coming year without nuclear power plants. (By Johnny H) Photo: Countdown



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