Friday, November 29, 2013

A relegated driver returns to his original position!

My name is SETO, a member of the Takeei Local of the National Union of General Workers Tokyo Tobu. I had been relegated to a driver of a small truck at the Kawasaki Recycling Center of Takeei, the company I work for, from a large truck driver, with my wage significantly reduced for more than three years since October 2010. I suffered a lot during that period, but the Tokyo Labor Relations Commission issued a relief order for me. Takeei brought a lawsuit against the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to protest the order, but a settlement was reached between us at the Tokyo District Court on November 7, 2013. Thanks to this settlement, it has been confirmed that I will return to the original position as a large truck driver from the beginning of the next year. I would like to express my utmost gratitude to all of my supporters. (Seto)

* Photo: Seto is in the center.


全国一般東京東部労働組合タケエイ支部の瀬戸です! 201010月から31ヶ月の間、大型ドライバーからタケエイの川崎リサイクルセンター内での小型トラックでの運搬業務に移され、それにより給料も大幅に下がりました。かなり苦しく、心が折れそうになりましたが、東京都労働委員会は救済命令を発しました。会社は労働委員会命令を不服として行政訴訟に移行しましたが、今年117日、東京地裁民事19部において和解が成立致しました!この和解により来年早々から大型ドライバーに原職復帰する事が決まりました!支えてくださった方々には感謝の気持ちでイッパイです!本当にありがとうございました。(当該・瀬戸)  

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