Friday, November 29, 2013

Nightmare of the pre-war undemocratic Japan: MAKIKO Yoshimaru’s Short World

One morning, I woke up after having a strange dream and stretched my body. No antenna from my hands or feet, or no carapace on my back. I still had a nose on my face. But I still had butterflies in my stomach and rushed out. My white dog was wagging his tail and making noise. It’s all right. No “Motin Brun (Brown Morning)”. However, the headline of the newspaper said, “The ‘What’s secret? That’s secret’ bill passes the parliament”. Most of its articles were blacked out, and its margin said, “Due to the enactment of the secrecy bill, the relevant articles are hidden. This is not a printing error”.

* Cartoon: By Ichihanahana




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