Friday, November 29, 2013

Many troubles in JR Hokkaido: Profit-driven privatization of the Japanese rail needs to be reconsidered – Group to Support Ex-Kokuro Struggle Group Members

On October 27, 2013, the 27th Solidarity Festival of Kokuro, the National Railworkers Union, was held at the Kameido Central Park in Tokyo. The Group to Support Ex-Kokuro Struggle Group Members also participated in the festival and opened a space for chatting. The space, called “Shaberi-ba”, was joined by more than 30 people including four former struggle group members. It started with a presentation by KUROGANE Ko, who hosts the “Safety Issue Research Group”. Kurogane spoke about restructuring and stretch-out in JR (Japan Rail) Hokkaido and the desirable future of the JR companies according to a material “Why safety in JR Hokkaido has deteriorated”, followed by many opinions from the participants. (NIWA Yoshiko)

* Photo: “Shaberi-ba” at the Solidarity Festiva



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