Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Demonstration against Nuke in Business Suits ~Office Workers are also Angry!

A group of businessmen in suits appeared around Shimbashi Station in Tokyo one evening in October. Nothing unusual about the businessmen at a crowded train station with office workers hurrying their way home from work, except this time, they chanted slogans against nuclear energy.
Lets join the demonstration in business suits, about 600 people chanted as they marched for an hour in the evening of Oct. 30. We protest in a modest way. Raising voices is nothing special. We are ordinary office workers who work and live ordinarily. Let the people in the business district hear our voices. 
  The demonstration in business suits was proposed this summer by some people at the weekly Friday demonstration against nuclear power at the Diet building.
  As leaves started to change colors for fall, businessmen in suits hurried to the demo from work. (By NISHINAKA Seiichiro)


10 月30日夕方、勤め帰りのサラリーマンやOLで賑わう東京・新橋駅界隈に、スーツ姿の「脱原発デモ」が出現した。「スーツを着て、デモをしよう。折り目正 しく、抗議しよう。声を上げることは、決して特別なことなんかじゃない!ごく普通に働き、ごく普通に生活している私たちの声を、ビジネス街へ向けて、スト レートに伝えよう!」を合い言葉に、約600人が1時間デモ行進した。永田町、霞ヶ関界隈で毎週続けられてきた「脱原発金曜デモ」。今年夏に、国会議事堂 前の「ファミリーコーナー」の参加者から提案があったのがきっかけ。秋も深まり、スーツ姿のサラリーマンたちが仕事を終えて駆けつけた。(西中誠一郎)

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