Saturday, November 30, 2013

Now is Not the Time to be Drinking

 About 150 people launched a huge publicity campaign against the designated secrecy protection bill at Tokyos Shinjuku Station on Nov. 14th. They were mainly from the organizing committee of the mass rally at Hibiya Park on Nov. 21st, planning to bring people together for a common objective----to stop secrecy law. From the top of a truck, FUKUSHIMA Mizuho, a former Social Democratic Party leader and a member of House of Councilors Special Committee on the Bill, spoke to the people passing by, I bet you think you have nothing to do with defense secrets. If you think it only matters to public servant, you may get into a lot of trouble. Private-sector workers and temporary workers may be targeted (for prosecution) one after another. You are subjected to close monitoring on whether or not you have foreign friends or you have a drinking problem, and what messages you post on your blog and so on. Now is not the time to be drinking without concerns over this  issue. In the first place, the public owns information. Ill raise Hell in the Diet. Lets kill this evil bill together! It was quite certain that more people took the leaflets than usual. (By M)

「秘 密保護法反対」の一点で21日に日比谷大集会を計画している「11.21実行委員会」のメンバーら150人が、1114日東京・新宿西口で大宣伝行動を 展開した。街宣車に上がった福島みずほ議員(同法特別委員会委員・写真)は、道行く人たちに呼びかける。「私は防衛秘密なんか関係ない、それは公務員の問 題、と思ったらとんでもないです。民間企業で働く人も派遣で働くひとも、みんな芋づる式でターゲットになるのです。外国人に友人はいないか、飲酒クセはな いか、ブログで何を発信しているか、すべて調べられる。そういう法律です。安心してお酒飲んでられないですよ。そもそも情報は国民のもの。私は国会で暴れ ます。一緒に廃案に追い込みましょう」。チラシの受け取りもいつもより間違いなくよかった。(M

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