Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fight back unfair ruling! 1790 gathered for JAL dismissed workers

I attended the rally for the reinstatement of dismissed Japan Airlines workers held in Bunkyo Civic Hall, 25th October. It occurred to me that we might win, no we must win! In the rally, I thought what we can do to win. UCHIDA Taeko, the leader of the flight attendants plaintiff group said, “We are going to overturn the unfair ruling of the Tokyo District Court” at the appeal court, which will conclude by the end of this year. Her determination struck the hearts of participants. The determination to fight back was also shown in the solidarity messages from pilots around the world. The rally drew 1790 people, among whom I met many acquaintances and friends. YANASE Mutsumi of Tokyo Union chaired the rally beautifully. The rally was well designed and carefully staged. (KITA Kenichi)

1025日、東京・文京シビックホールで開かれた「JAL解雇撤回 高裁勝利!10.25大集会」に参加しました。ひょっとしたら勝てるかも。いや、必ず勝たねば。1025大集会に参加し、そのために何ができるか考えました。客室原告団長の内田妙子さん(写真)が言った「不当判決に倍々返しする」が、年内結審、3月にも判決というなか、逆転勝利の礎を一人ひとりの心に据えたと思います。その象徴が、世界各国から駆けつけたパイロットたち、OCCCの連帯表明だったのでしょう。参加者は1790人で、いろんな友人、知人に会えました。東京労組・柳瀬睦美さんの司会も秀逸で、構成から演出までよく考え、工夫された会でした。(北健一) 
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