Monday, November 10, 2014

Favorable ruling for Fujikoshi plaintiffs

On October 30th, there was a victorious ruling in the Fujikoshi Forced Mobilization Lawsuit at the Central Court in Seoul, Korea. The ruling admitted all the facts claimed by the plaintiffs, including inducement by deceit and foul working conditions. The defendant, Fujikoshi Co., claimed statute of limitations and argued that the case was settled by the Japan-South Korea Treaty on Claim Rights. But the Court rejected all of the defendant's claims. The Court awarded compensation of 80 million Won and 100 million Won, according to the length of impressment. All the plaintiffs seemed relieved by the decision. But this ruling does not mean that the plaintiffs can immediately receive the compensation. Frustration of the plaintiffs continues. (NAKAGAWA Miyuki) 
Photo: Plaintiffs before the ruling


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