Sunday, November 23, 2014

Public opinion ignored: Grassroots groups’ emergency statement on the agreement to “Restart the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant”

Despite the fact that the nuclear disaster in Fukushima is far from being contained, the Kagoshima Prefectural Assembly accepted a petition to restart the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant, and the governor of the prefecture in the southern tip of the Kyushu Island, ITO Yuichiro, expressed his agreement to the restart on November 7, 2014. We strongly condemn the actions that are in defiance of the strong opposition to the restart of many Kagoshima residents, as shown in many objections expressed at briefings about the restart in some cities in the prefecture, signatures of more than 50% of residents of the neighboring Ichiki Kushikino City against the restart, and anti-nuke resolutions adopted in the surrounding local governments. The evacuation plan drawn up by the prefecture has no effect to protect the residents from exposure to radiation. It has not been decided at all even where to evacuate. In addition, some of temporary shelters and evacuation centers are located in tsunami danger zones in violation of the Disaster Countermeasure Basic Act that was revised last April. Thus, there is possibly no shelter for some residents in a case of emergency and, therefore, their safety is not guaranteed.

* Photo: Emergency petition in front of the Parliament on November 7 
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