Friday, November 28, 2014

No! to Sexual Violence ~ global campaign against Julien Blanc spreads

 A campaign against a pickup artist Julien Blanc (photo) spread globally to bar him from entering Japan and other nations.
Blanc, who sexually harasses under the name of pick-up across the world, has been refused entry into many countries including UK, Brazil and Germany. His visa was revoked in Australia.
 Blanc acts as a self-proclaimed pick-up artist in a group called Real Social Dynamics (RSD). Blanc and other RSD men hold expensive boot camps for $2,500 and workshops for $25 around the world, where they teach the technique to pick up women. The subbed video footage supposed to be shot at his workshop and spreading on the internet, has drawn attention from men and women alike.  In this video, Blanc explains to his audience that they only have to trick women in Tokyo.
Blanc was scheduled to arrive in Japan around November 15~17. However, regarding his performance as sexual violence, the petition addressed to the immigration office to ban Blanc from entering Japan is gathering momentum. More than 50,000 signatures were gathered. (MATSUMOTO Chie)


 “ナ ンパ”と称して、世界中でセクハラ行為に及んでいるジュリアン・ブランク(写真)が来日するのに際して入国拒否運動が広がっている。ブランクはReal Social Dynamics(RSD)という団体のもとで、自称「ナンパ師」として活動する男性。2500ドルもする“ブートキャンプ”や25ドルのワークショップ を各国で開催し、そこでナンパの仕方を伝授する。ワークショップの様子だと思われる字幕付き映像が現在ネット上で拡散され問題になっているが、そこでは、 東京でのナンパは「ハメるだけ」だと参加者に教えるブランクの姿がある。ブランクは、11月15日から17日にかけて日本に来日する予定だが、彼の行為を 性暴力だとして、入国管理局にブランクの入国拒否を求める署名活動がはじまり、これまでに35,000筆以上が集まった。(松元ちえ)

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