Monday, November 10, 2014

All unions raise their voices against revision of Worker Dispatching Act

As deliberation of the revision of the  Worker Dispatching Act started on October 29th, sidewalks in front of the Diet building were packed with Rengo, Zenroren and Zenrokyo union members holding their union flags. Speakers raised their voices against the revision which will force agency workers to work as agency workers for ever. Rengo Vice-president AIKAWA said, “By this revision, contingent jobs will increase and more young people will lose hope for their future. We have to kill it!” NAKAJIMA Yumiko, Secretary General of the Nation Union of General Workers Tokyo Nambu, criticized the Women Empowerment policy of the Abe government. “Women have been cheated all the time. The gender equality level of Japan is 104th in the world and lowest among advanced countries. We will not be cheated any more. Down with this revision, which will lead to slave labor!” ENDO Ichiro of Joint Job Action told the reporter, “the loss and degradation of jobs under Abe is devastating. His lies won’t be swallowed any more. The three labor federations and labor lawyers are all fighting against the revision. We can scrap the revision by a united labor and public opinion”. (M)


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