Wednesday, April 15, 2015

‘I can’t lend a hand in allowing this country to wage war’ ~ A teacher stands strong against reprimand

Tokyo Board of Education on March 30 executed a 10-percent salary cut for a month to reprimand TANAKA Satoshi, a teacher at Itabashi Tokyo Metropolitan School for Children with Special Needs, for refusing to stand for the Kimigayo national anthem. A protest meeting was held the next day at Zensuido Hall in Suidobashi, Tokyo, and some 70 people participated. “I had feared I would have the salary cut for six months this time, but it turned out to be one month, thanks to my supporters who raised voices to demand that the education board not take disciplinary actions against me. Some of my colleagues at school also encouraged me,” says Tanaka. “Top-down decision-making now prevails at schools, and teachers are getting involved in the policy aimed at allowing this country to wage wars. Refusing to stand for the singing of the national anthem has great significance under such circumstances.”  (SASAKI Yumi)

 3 30日都教委は、都立板橋特別支援学校教員・田中聡史さん(写真)に、今春卒業式 の「君が代」不起立を理由に減給(10分の1減給・1ヶ月)の懲戒処 分 を発令した。処分発令の翌日(331日)、抗議集会が東京・水道橋の全水道会館で開かれ70名が集まった。田中さんは「今回は6ヶ 月の減給処分が出るの ではないかと心配していたが、多くの人が“処分す るな”の声を都教委に上げてくれたおかげで1ヶ月にとどまった。かげながら励ましてくれる同僚もいた。今 学校では、トップダウンが進み、“戦争できる国づくり”に教員が加担させられている。こういう状況下で、不起立はとても重要だ」と語っ た。(佐々木有美)

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