Thursday, September 3, 2015

High school students rise up against war bills  ~ Anti-war demonstration in school uniform

Following college students, high school students have also stood up against the war bills on Aug. 2 and organized an anti-war demo. With dozens of students in school uniforms at the forefront, the demonstrators left Yoyogi Park at 4 p.m., inviting others to join, and the number grew to several thousands in the end. Answering my questions, a first-year high school girl said with shining eyes, “Though many people around me are still indifferent to politics, I want to get involved in the issues of the time.”  They marched playing music at a full volume, and the man on the stage on top of the car appealed, “The voting age is to be lowered to 18 next year. Now is the time for high school students to be more concerned about politics.” A woman preparing for college entrance exams said enthusiastically, “We now enjoy the freedom to study or play, thanks to the efforts of predecessors who have been fighting to protect the Constitution. Isn’t it our turn to fight against the authority and protect it?” The rhythmical calls of the youth attracted attention from the onlookers walking along the busy streets in Shibuya. Among impressive calls were, “Protect Japan from ABE Shinzo!” and “The greatest threat is Abe!”  High school students were really angry at Abe. (By M)
ついに高校生も立 ち上がった!~制服姿で「戦争法案反対」渋谷デモ

 大 学生に続いて、ついに高校生も「戦争法案」反対に立ち上がった。8月2日午後4時、代々木公園を出発した デモ隊は、制服姿の高校生など数十名を先頭に行進。隊列は、応援の市民をあわせて数千人を超える大デ モとなった。高校一年生の女性は筆者のインタビューに答えて、「回りはまだ無関心が多いが、私はこの 時代に関わっていきたい」と目を輝かせていた。デモは音楽をがんがん流しながらのサウンドデモ。壇上 の車から男性は「来年から選挙権が18歳になる。いまこそ高校生が政治に関心をもつべきときではない か」と訴える。また浪人生だという女性は「いま遊んだり勉強できるのは、先人たちが闘って憲法を守っ てくれたおかげ。次は私たちが権力と闘って憲法を守るべきではないでしょうか」と熱く語った。若者の リズミカルなコールは、渋谷の繁華街の人々の大きな注目を浴びた。コールで印象に残ったのは、「安倍 晋三から日本を守れ!」「安倍晋三は一番脅威!」だった。高校生は「アベ」に本当に怒っていた。(M)  
動画(5分 47秒)

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