Monday, September 21, 2015

Revolution also emerges from moms – Anti-government action on September 11

Two protest actions were staged in front of the National Diet on September 11, 2015 against nuclear power plants and the War Bill. The participants included KOGA Shigeaki, a journalist and former METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) official; AOI Miho, a professor of Gakushuin University; KOMORI Yoichi, a professor of the University of Tokyo; IKEDA Ryoko, a member of Mama-no-kai (Moms’ Group); two high school students; and a university student. Ikeda (photo), a mother of a 5-year old child, joined this kind of action for the first time and appealed, “A revolution is also emerging from mothers. We never gave birth to our children to have them killed in a war!” A male high school student said, “We may be indifferent to the War Bill but can never be immune from war”. According to the organizer, the number of the participants exceeded 10,000. (KINOSHITA Masaaki)



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