Sunday, September 13, 2015

We don’t want Abe-Channel! ~1,000 people protest at NHK

 Angry calls bounced against NHK Center in Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya district on Aug. 25, when many people fed up with Japan’s public broadcasting station.
 The action titled, “Stop broadcasting to flatter the political power! Let’s surround NHK with our angry voices,” was organized by a group of NHK viewers. The signs reading, “We don’t want Abe-Channel! “ and “Momii (NHK chairperson) should resign!” were put up.
 A group representative from Kyoto said in his opening speech that people protested against NHK across the nation and that a cozy relationship between the executive board controlling the politics section of the newsroom and Momii clinging onto the chair post is causing the corruption. Following the speech, Kaenbin (molotov cocktail) Tetsu took the stage and said, “A while ago, NHK suddenly stopped a live broadcast of the ongoing parliamentary session to save Abe thrown into confusion by the persistent questioning from YAMAMOTO Taro (lower house member).”

Protesters repeatedly called out in angry voices, “Shame on you!” NAGATA Kozo, a former NHK producer, excitedly appealed, “I hope that NHK won’t commit suicide with Abe.” (By HAYASHI Junichi) 
Video (appeal of NAGATA Kozo) 


 8 月25日(火)夕刻、渋谷NHKセンター前は「政権べったりの報道をやめろ! 怒りの声でNHKを包囲しよう」というNHK包囲行動委員会の呼びかけに応えた人々で、埋め尽くされた。そして「アベチャンネルにするな!」「籾井はやめ ろ!」のプラカードが掲げられた。京都から来た会の代表は、今日は全国各地でNHKへの抗議が行われているとまず冒頭であいさつ。そして、政治部を牛耳る 幹部と会長に居座るモミイの癒着が今日の腐敗を招いていると指摘した。火焔瓶テツさんも登場、「さっきNHKは山本太郎の追及にしどろもどろになったアベ を助けるために、突然中継を打ち切りました」と発言。参加者は怒りをこめて「NHKは恥を知れ!」のコールを繰り返した。また西門前の集会では、元NHK プロデューサーの永田浩三さんが「NHKは安倍さんと心中してほしくない」と熱く訴えた。(林淳一)  

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