Monday, September 21, 2015

Komeito, get back to the party of peace! – Appeal by a university lecturer

Sit-ins continued in front of the National Diet against the War Bill. More than 8,000 people joined the action on September 11, 2015. There, SANO Jun-ichiro (photo), a lecturer at Soka University that is affiliated to the Soka Gakkai Buddhism sect and tied closely to Komeito, delivered a speech after those of some Diet members and cultural figures, “Komeito, get back to the party of peace! That’s all I want to say”. Komeito is the partner of the major Liberal Democratic Party’s coalition. Then, he introduced an episode of the honorary chairperson of Soka Gakkai and founder of the university, IKEDA Daisaku. Ikeda met and asked Alexei Kosygin in 1974, the then Premier of the Soviet Union, “Are you intended to attack China?” Kosygin answered, “Absolutely no”, and Ikeda passed it to the Chinese leaders, so that both countries avoided war and reached détente. Sano passionately added, “This action is the spirit of Soka University. Diet members of Komeito, get back to this spirit and the party of peace!” The organizer urged that the human chain around the Diet Building scheduled on September 14 was crucially important and that more people were expected to gather  than  the action on August 30. (M)

 戦 争法案の強行採決が迫る中、「総がかり行動実行委」は座り込みと国会正門前集会を連日取り組んでいる。911日には8千人以上が集まった。集会では、国 会議員の報告、雨宮処凛ら文化人のアピールに続き、創価大学教員の佐野潤一郎さん(写真)がマイクを握った。「公明党よ平和の党に戻れ! 私が言いたいのはそれだけ」と前置きし、創価大学創設者・池田大作会長のエピソードを紹介した。それは池田氏が1974年にソ連のコスイギン首相と面会し 「中国を攻める気はあるのか」と聞き、「絶対ない」との回答を受け、中国の首脳にそれを伝えて戦争寸前だった中ソを緊張緩和に導いた話だった。「この行動 力こそが創価大学の魂。創価大学出身の公明党議員はこの精神に立ちかえり、平和の党に戻れ!」と熱く訴えた。主催者からは「地方公聴会が入ったので採決は 17日以降になった。14日の国会包囲がとくに重要で、8.30を上回る結集を実現しよう」と呼びかけがあった。(M
動画(4 佐野アピール)

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