Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ex-mayor sues TEPCO and the government

On August 21st, the Fukushima radiation lawsuit filed by IDOGAWA Katsutaka,  ex-mayor of Futaba, Fukushima Prefecture, against the national government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company opened in Tokyo District Court. The plaintiff is suing for damages having been exposed to excessive radiation after the Fukushima disaster. 96 people queued up for seats in the court gallery. On March 12th, 2011, the Mayor evacuated most of his citizens to the nearby town of Kawamata. But patients in hospitals and elderly care facilities were left behind. As the mayor was trying to evacuate these people, he heard a big thunder at 3:36 pm. and radiation fallout started to fall like snow. Hundreds of citizens who were there with him shared the same feeling; this is the end of the world. But the government was announcing on the TV that there was no “immediate effect” He had a strong sense of distrust, “What is this country? Are they abandoning us?” (HORIKIRI Satomi).  

21日午後2時。東京地裁101号法廷で「原発事故で失われたふるさとそして被ばくの責任を問う 福島被ばく訴訟」が行われた。原告は前双葉町長・井戸川克隆氏(写真)。被告は東京電力株式会社と国。巨大な二つを相手に、たった一人で起こしたこの裁判に、96の傍聴席を求めて多くの人たちが列をつくった。2011312日。大半を川俣町に避難させたものの、最後まで町内に遺されたのが高齢者施設や 病院の人たちだった。その避難誘導をしていた井戸川さんは1536分、「ドン」という音とともに、ぼたん雪のように降る放射性降下物をみる。一号機が爆発したのだ。この場にいた数百人の町民と「もうこれでお終いだ」との思いを共有したという。同じころ政府のテレビ会見では「直ちに影響はない」を強調し、事態の深刻さをまったく伝えなかった。「なんだこの国は。我々を見捨てる気か」と、強い不信感を持たざるをえなかったという。(堀切さとみ) 

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