Thursday, December 24, 2015

Don’t forsake the victims of the nuclear disaster~Victims and supporters rally in Tokyo

 “2015 Tokyo Rally―We won’t Let the Government Forsake Nuclear Disaster Victims” was held on Dec. 5th in Tokyo. As it marks the fifth year since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the group of plaintiffs in a lawsuit demanding the relief of the victims and organizations of nuclear evacuees across the country and other civil society have together taken numerous actions in order to expand and reinforce the movement. The central government and the Fukushima prefectural government have revealed the plans to terminate housing aid by March 2017, and compensation by March 2018. “They are trying to sweep the facts and the responsibility of the nuclear accident under the carpet by 2020 Tokyo Olympics,” says SATO Kazuyoshi, co-representative of the National Movement. At the gathering, a case was reported in which a family had its social welfare allowance reduced when one of the children was qualified for a scholarship. Another speaker, OZAWA Yoichi from Minami-Soma City, has been fighting to oppose the 20mSv/h standard. “Mountains, which are already contaminated by radiation, are actually the final disposal site of all nuclear waste, and the government is telling us to go back there!” he criticized the government’s easy and hasty policy, which forces Fukushima evacuees to return home. (By YUMOTO Masanori)


 12月5日、「2 015原発事故被害者の切捨てを許さない東京集会」が東京港区の田町交通ビルで開 催された。原発震災5年目、全国各地の被害者救済の訴訟団体や避難者当事者団体が 大きく束ねられ、運動の拡大強化をめざす動きが活発だ。それというのも、政府と福 島県が2017年3月の住宅支援の打ち切り、18年3月の賠償打ち切りを打ち出 し、「東京オリンピックまでにすべてがなかったことのようにしようとしている」 (「全国運動」共同代表・佐藤和良さん)からだ。集会では、「奨学金を受けること が決まった子どもの家庭の生活保護費が減額された」という福島市の事例が報告され た。また20mSv/h基準を許さない闘いを続けている南相馬市の小澤洋一さんから、 「山が最終処分場なんです。そこに戻れというのです」と安易で性急な政府の帰還政 策が強く批判された。(湯本雅典) 報告動画(3分49秒)

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