Thursday, December 24, 2015

Report from Paris : Counter-forum against COP21 opens~Watch video of police brutality on Nov. 29

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--- the video of police beating people who are left behind in Paris on Nov. 29 ---
 We can clearly see that the “mob” is the police itself and what is wrong is the emergency declaration.
 It’s touching to see that young people are holding hands, joining shoulders and guarding their colleagues with kisses, songs and their bodies! From today (Dec. 5), we are holding a display at our booth and a meeting at the popular forum against COP21 at Montreuil in Paris. There, we will be making an appeal to the world leaders and citizens, displaying panels of the disaster caused by Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant and banners with pictures. Please watch closely. On Dec.10, connecting Paris and Tokyo, we will hold an event named, “Emergency Declaration - Paris/Tokyo : capitalism, climate change, colonialism and terrorism,” at “Café Lavanderia” in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
(Report from Paris by “No Nuke Social Forum Executive Committee”)

パリからの現地報告 : COP21の対抗フォーラム始まる 29日の警察の弾圧映像は必見
【拡散】今世界で 270万回再生中!11/29パリのCOP21抗議、警察の弾圧映像。最後に残った人達を次々 殴打。<暴徒>なのは警察、悪いのは非常事態宣言とよくわかる。 若者達の 手をつなぎ、肩を組み、キスや歌や体で仲間を守る姿に感動します! 今日(12/5)か ら私達はパリのモントレイユで開かれる「COP21」への対抗民衆フォーラムでブ ース出展、集会します。福島原発事故の被害パネルや写真の横断幕を出し、世界の首 脳と市民に訴えます!ぜひ注視下さい。また12月10日には、パリと東京を結んで「非 常事態宣言 パリ⇔東京 資本、気候変動、植民地主義、テロリズム」のイベントが新 宿のカフェ★ラヴァンデリアであります。(パリ・「核と被ばくをなくす世界社会フ ォーラム実行委員会」) 報告

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