Saturday, November 19, 2016

Do not sell nukes to India~Friday action against restart of nuclear plants

 Braving the cold rain of November, a larger-than-usual crowd of people staged a protest at the Diet. Many non-Japanese protesters were also speaking up against the nuclear sales. Even though Donald Trump, who opposes TPP, was elected president of the United States the previous day, Prime Minister Abe forced passed Japan’s participation in TPP by saying that it has already been decided. Abe and visiting Indian Prime Minister Modi signed a nuclear agreement on Nov. 11, which enables Japan’s nuclear export to India. Abe is trying to completely turn Japan into one with an authoritarian regime. To protest against the Abe-led government, members of opposition parties--Social Democrats, Liberal Party, Minshin and Communists--joined the crowd and declared their solidarity in the next lower-house election. (By KINOSHITA Masaaki) PhotoMisao-Redwolf chants anti-nuclear slogans. Youtube

 動画(10分30秒) *写真=コールするミサオ・レッドウルフさん

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