Saturday, November 19, 2016

We shall not repeat our war-time mistake~Protest against cabinet decision on Japan’s new peace-keeping operation

 Hundreds of people gathered early Nov. 15 in front of Japanese Prime Minister’s Residence in protest against the cabinet decision on the nation’s new peace-keeping operation. With the government trying to change the pacifist constitution that people protected for more than 70 years. This shall not, and cannot, be the turning point in Japan’s history. A constitution scholar who joined the protest said, “This is nothing more than violation of constitution,” while a journalist accused the government of its willingness to sacrifice Japan’s Self-Defense Forces by saying, “what they need in South Sudan is to keep peace.” “Are we about to make the same mistake we made 70 years ago? We have not compromised so much as you can take Japan to war,” a religious leader said. “Those of us who lost family members during the war have not been healed even after 70 some years. We cannot send our youths to war ever again,” said a surviving family member of war-time veterans. (excerpts from Facebook page of No WarProtect Article 9 committee)


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