Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Stop the steamrolling of the TPP approval bill!

There is an imminent danger of the TPP ratification bill being forced through in the Lower House of the Diet. The ruling parties were seeking to pass the bill by the end of October. On October 26th, public hearings in Hokkaido and Miyazaki were held. On the next day, unsworn testimony from experts nominated by the opposition parties in the special House of Representatives Committee was held for the first time. Among them were UCHIDA Seiko from the Pacific Asian Resource Center and YAMAURA Yasuaki from the People’s Movement against TPP.
We think that TPP will violate the rights of people to health and decent lives and deprive us of our national sovereignty and is thus in violation of the Japanese Constitution. We will do our best to stop the approval of the bill in this Diet session. Let’s spread the news about the danger of the TPP to as many people as possible. Let’s spread the information on what is being debated in the special committee and in the testimony sessions. (Website of the TPP Text Analyzing Team http://notppaction.blogspot.jp/)


庶民の生活、健康、知る権利、参政権、主権、司法権、国家主権をも侵害する違憲のTPP協定の強行採決が迫っています。今週半ばから再び正常化したTPP国会審議。しかし依然として「月内採決」「28日に強行採決か」という大きな懸念がありました。26日には北海道と宮崎県で地方公聴会が開かれました。その翌日の27日には初めて野党側の参考人質疑が行われ、TPPテキスト分析チームのメンバーでもある内田聖子(NPO法人アジア太平洋資料センター)と山浦康明(TPPに反対する人々の運動、明治大学教員)の2名が参考人として委員会に出席しました。今国会での批准を完全に阻止するために、来週(10/31)以降も引き続き最大限集中して国会内外で力を尽くしましょう。特別委員会での野党の質問や、参考人質疑の内容を拡散し、少しでも多くの人にTPPの持つ危険を訴えていきましょう!(メールニュースから) 全文

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