Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Packaged settlement for“Ari-san” moving company dispute ~ The worker becomes a full-time staff of the Union

 On February 13, 37 workers of a moving company, “Arisan Mark no Hikkoshisha” including NOMURA Yasuhiro( photo left) finally agreed to a packaged settlement in a dispute demanding the company of payment of overtime and the return of indemnity for accidents in the Central Labor Relations Commission. It is about three years since Nomura first consulted Precariat Union, and it was a long road. Nomura revealed his real name taking this opportunity. The provisions of the settlement clearly state that the company will not demand the members of Precariat Union the charge for indemnity for accidents if there is no intention or no heavy negligence.Ari-san” moving company settles by paying the settlement money  to the union members. The amount of the settlement money is not disclosed. At the press conference Nomura said, “The power difference between the worker and the employer is outright. I want many people to join the union. I want them to create a firm working environment with their own power.” Nomura said he would retire from the moving company to become a full-time staff of Precariat Union. (By TSUCHIYA Tokachi) 
Photo: Nomura on the left at the press conference on February 14, showing the word "settlement"


写真 214日の記者会見

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