Wednesday, February 21, 2018

No to the union-busting by Neo-Nazi group members!

On February 9th, Zennikken Solidarity Union called an emergency meeting, “The despicable attack on the union is not allowed!” at Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) headquarters in Tokyo. The purpose of the meeting was to report on the libelous article by Weekly Bunshun magazine aiming to obstruct the union activities and on the violent attack case where an extreme nationalist group broke into the union office. There were more than 200 participants in the meeting. The facts about the strike by workers of the MK Transport Co. in Yamatokoriyama City in Nara Prefecture were falsely reported and trivialized by the Weekly Bunshun released at the end of the last year. In 2013, a labor union was formed for the purpose of demanding the reduction of long working hours and the correction of illegal truck operation management. The case is still under dispute.  “Today is the 436th day since we staged a walkout on the day following the attack on the union division leader. The MK Transport Division of the Zennikken Solidarity Union is a group of 10 workers, all of whom have continued to strike together.” said a union member, OYAMA powerfully. A nine minute footage depicting the background of the attack was shown for the first time. Since January 2018, some executives of the Osaka Wide Area Ready-mixed Concrete Cooperative have colluded with an extreme nationalist group led by a Neo-Natzi, SETO Hiroyuki  and others. They broke into the office of the Kansai Region Ready-mixed Concrete Cooperative Union to intimidate and assault the Union. They are also sending messages defaming the Union on the Net day after day. (TSUCHIYA Tokachi)



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