Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Without the victims, there is no resolution〜Studying about Japan-Korea agreement

The candle-light protest dragged down Park regime two years ago and installed the new government. People’s frustration was mounting in South Korea regarding the bilateral agreement on "comfort women", which the two governments concluded in December 2015. They said there should be no “agreement” without the victims’ agreement. Statues of peace and comfort women were established at about 30 locations in South Korea, in response to the Japanese government’s demand to remove the statue. The Moon government examined the agreement in 2017 saying that the issue could not be resolved with the bilateral agreement. On Jan. 9, its foreign minister announced the new policy. The Japanese government is resisting the decision of South Korean government.
Amidst all the official reactions, the women’s conference held an event to reassess the bilateral agreement with Yang Ching-ja, the co-representative of Japan Action Resolution of the "Comfort Women" Issue(see photo). Her lecture that lasted an hour and half illustrated how the movement has sprang out from young people in Japan. (By OZAWA Kuniko)



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