Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Victorious settlement for the “Men’s Cut Leader Case”

 On February 5th, there was a victorious settlement of an unpaid wage case of a barber working at “Men’s Cut Leader” barber shop in Inaki City, Tokyo at the Tachikawa Branch of the Tokyo District Court. Here is the announcement from the Tokyo Youth Union, to which the plaintiff of the case is affiliated.

 In the haircutting industry, there still remains a strong tendency of apprenticeship, so there are many cases of violation of the Labor Standards Act. In the Men’s Cut Leader Case, the plaintiff suffered long working hours, low wage, wage theft, and even servitude. In the settlement, the owner of the barbershop, Yamashita, acknowledged his violation of labor laws and apologized in substance. The Court admitted the existence of overtime work and payment of unpaid overtime pay. The Court also admitted the existence of guaranty money the plaintiff had to pay to his employer and ordered him to return it. Yamashita pressed for a non-disclosure agreement, but the Court turned it down, making the settlement public. The Tokyo Youth Union, together with the Barbers’ Union will strengthen its activity to improve the working conditions in the haircutting industry. (YAMADA Shingo, Tokyo Youth Union)
Photo, the plaitiff, union supporters and legal team after the settlement



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