Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1. Union Badge Wearer Tsuji-san manages to Win Reemployment and stares down threat of dismissal

On September 1, the seventh hearing for Yoshiharu Tsuji was held at the District Labour-relations Board in Kanagawa Prefecture. 50 union members and supporters turned out for the hearing. This time Norio Kimura, the person who personally handed down the punishment, was cross examined. Kimura is the former Head of Personnel, JR Yokohama branch. Over the examination, the actuality of his unfairness was brought to light. Questions such as “Do you realise that unfair labour practices are a criminal offence?” remained unanswered as Kimura stayed silent. In addition, Tsuji-san signed a reemployment contract with JR on July 17. This means that he will be reemployed for five years after his mandatory retirement in February next year. Despite receiving threats of dismissal for wearing his union badge, Tsuji-san has managed to push these aside. Tsuji-san expressed his determination to keep wearing his badge until retirement, to continue his membership with the union even after retirement, and to continue the fight to nationalise JR through the spring offensives (Written by Masanori Yumoto). *Photo: raised fists at the end of the hearing.

9月1日、辻井義春さんの第7回審問が、神奈川県地労委で開かれた。傍聴には国労組合員、支援者50人がかけつけた。今回は、直接処分を下した木村法雄氏(元JR横浜支社人事課長)の証人尋問で、その不当な実態が浮き彫りにされた。「あなたは不当労働行為は犯罪だという認識があるのか?」という尋問では、木村氏は、答えられず絶句する場面もあった。また、辻井さんは7月17日、再雇用の契約書をJRとの間でとり交わした。これで来年2月の定年退職以降5年間の再雇用が確定したのである。JRの「バッジをつけ続けるなら再雇用はない」という解雇の脅しを、とうとうはねのけたのだ。辻井さんは退職まで国労バッジをつけ続けること、再雇用先でも国労組合員であり続けること、さらに労働委闘争を通じて原状復帰を勝ち取ることを決意している。(湯本雅典) *写真=審問終了後の団結ガンバロー

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