Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trial Commences for Laid Off Dispatched Workers from Aichi Panasonic: “I won’t give up”

On September 3, the Panasonic Eco Systems trial commenced at the Nagoya district court. 25 people from 7 organisations gathered in front of the court and handed out flyers and publicised the trial. Tsutomu Yoshioka, a PDP plaintiff, came from Osaka to show support as did Sasanichiro, the Nagoya Female Union, ATU Support Citizen Group, General Union Tokai Branch, and Aichi Health Center. Two former dispatched employees gave impressive statements at the beginning before the court. Plaintiff A commented that “There were many other dispatched employees who were laid off like him. But everyone gave up saying that it’s useless to fight back. Today, I’ve managed to take this even to court. I’m very satisfied. (Written by Aichi Solidarity Union)


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