Friday, September 11, 2009

Anti-poverty Network Says “Stop Destroying Lives, Help Rebuild Them!”

 First, we welcome the change in the government. While poverty spread in the Japanese society, the coalition government did not commit itself to facing poverty and surrounding issues. Our lives became really hard after the government deregulated various laws such as Dispatch Law and cut social security by 220 billion yen yearly. In the end, it left the problems up to economic recovery and blamed us for lack of effort. For that, the result of the general election in August was reprimand from the suppressed citizens. The incoming government is expected to change such a trend, which continued to degrade people’s lives, and to rebuild their livelihood. Unless this is achieved, the change of the government would lose its meaning and the citizens would give a verdict accordingly. (By Anti-poverty Network, August 30) Cartoon “Try not to be eaten.)


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