Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don’t Tolerate Mandatory Celebrations: Anti-Emperor Exhibition Held

With the 20th anniversary of the Emperor of Japan’s enthronement to be held in November 12, 2009, an event opposing the mandatory celebration of the Emperor was held in Tokyo. Some 150 people attended the festival entitled “Anti-emperor Exhibition: Festival for Non-Worshippers”. A variety of exhibitions, and talks retold the true nature of the emperor system over the past 20 years from his enthronement. Attendants are shared the conclusion that Japan absolutely does not need an Emperor system. Rightwing groups gathered from 10.30 a.m. blasting noise from their trucks from Hakusandoori, the main street in front of the meeting venue, which was the Bunkyo-ku Citizen’s Centre in Tokyo. They blasted the venue with rightwing propaganda and repeatedly made threats. Despite such intimidation, the festival began at 11 a.m. and the talks, music and performances ran without a hitch until the close of the festival at 7 p.m. (Written by Y, Information Dept.) * Photos are the goods that were exhibited at the festival.

「天皇即位20年」にあたる今年11月12日を前に、奉祝の強制に反対するイベントが都内で開かれた。「ハンテン展<まつろわない者たちの祭>」と題した集会に、約150人が参加した。さまざまな展示やトークで、即位から20年を経た天皇制の本質に迫り、「やはり天皇制はいらない」との結論を共有した。会場の東京・文京区民センター前の白山通りには、午前10時30分を過ぎるとぞくぞくと右翼団体の街宣車が集結。大音響で建物にアジテーションを浴びせ、威嚇を繰り返した。集会は午前11時に開会。トーク、音楽、パフォーマンスなどが、午後7時の閉会まで演じられた。(報道部・Y) *写真=会場に展示されたグッズ

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