Friday, September 11, 2009

Appeal to Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Shintaro Ishihara ~ 250 People Surround Tokyo Education Board

 In the afternoon of August 28, about 250 citizens and teachers took “Surround Tokyo Education Board” action in front of the metropolitan government building to attack Governor Shintaro Ishihara for reprimanding teachers who refused to stand up for “Kimigayo” national anthem. Starting around 4 p.m., the group split up in two ways to go to the education board and the governor’s office. About 30 people demanded to see the governor, guards and workers came out in a rush to stop them and led the angry protest to a conference room. The group continued its demand for another half an hour and successfully pulled out a governor’s secretary or a councilor. The group then told him that the verdict was out and Ishihara should resign for destroying Japan’s education system. Seeing a group protesting transfer of Tsukiji Fish Market on the same day, it was apparent that anti-Ishihara movement has escalated. (By M)


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