Monday, February 28, 2011

Emergency action at the Egyptian Embassy – Criticism for Maehara remarks

February 5 was a day of solidarity for the Egyptian people. In the afternoon, an emergency action was held in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Meguro-ku. 35 people attended the meeting and took up the microphone to speak in turns. There was a report of the meeting and parade of the Egyptian students in Japan, held on the same day. The participants criticized the remarks of Maehara, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, casting doubts on the immediate resignation of Mubarak, accused the US and Japan for supporting dictatorial regimes and expressed fear for further Israeli suppression of the Palestinian people. The meeting received a solidarity message from a Tunisian expatriate in Japan and concluded the meeting by chanting to the Embassy. Interests for the Egyptian people’s movement have spread through Twitter and Al Jezeera, so we hope to strengthen our voice of solidarity. ( Hiroshi Sugihara)


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