Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is the “Reality of haken dispatched workers”! – Furious about “Facts of haken dispatched work” issued by Japan Staffing Services Association

On January 8, 2011, a rally called “Do women want temporary work? No!” and “This is the Reality of haken dispatched workers” was held in Tokyo (photo). This meeting was hosted by a working team of the Action Center for Working Women (AWC2). The Worker Dispatching Act remains under deliberation in Japan’s parliamentary session, but dispatched work-related problems, such as the termination of contracts and illegal dispatch, still continue. Dispatched workers do not want further labor market deregulation and are furious about being used for labor supply and demand adjustment or treated as a disposable. A booklet disclosed by the Japan Staffing Services Association called “Facts of haken dispatched work” has too many distortions, making anger of dispatched workers reach the boiling point. To counter the booklet, the action center created its booklet called “Reality of haken dispatched workers” in order to disseminate the real situations about dispatched work and workers. (Ozawa Kuniko)


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