Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Victorious reconciliation in Akashi Shoten: Assistant union local leader returns to work

On December 28, 2010, we Akashi Shoten Publication Union (Tokyo Union Akashi Shoten Local) succeeded in winning reconciliation in favor of us in our claim for remedies, which was made to the Tokyo Labor Relations Commission against the publisher’s discrimination against the union and union busting, or unfair labor practice. Both of the labor and management of the publication company agreed to strive for establishing their healthy relationship in the future. Remarkable were that Mr. Sagawa, assistant leader of the local, had his suspension repealed and returned to work, and that the management paid 3 million yen (36,500 US dollars) to him in the settlement and virtually admitted its unfair labor practice against him. We really appreciate your warm-hearted support for us to settle this issue. (Akashi Shoten Publication Union) – Relevant blog * Photo: Protest action on April 23, 2010

 2010年12月28日、私たち明石書店労働組合(東京ユニオン明石書店支部)が東京都労働委員会に行っていた一連の組合差別・組合つぶし(不当労働行為)の救済申し立てが、組合側の勝利的和解で一括解決。労使双方が今後健全な関係確立に努力することに協定しました。特筆すべきは、佐川副支部長の雇止め撤回・原職復帰、さらには会社側が組合に対して解決金300万円を支払い、過去の不当労働行為を事実上認めたことです。今回の解決にあたり、みなさんからのあたたかいご声援・ご支援、ほんとうにありがとうございました。(明石書店労組) ・当該ブログ *写真=2010年4月23日の抗議デモ

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