Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stay alert – Don’t underestimate Tokyo Governor Ishihara’s discriminatory remarks against lesbians and gays

When I heard Ishihara make such remarks, I felt some kind of resignation rather than anger. I was angry, of course, but I also had such a feeling as “It’s him again” at the same time. Supposedly I became insensitive to what he said, because I was tired of his discriminatory remarks many times, considering his term ending this April. However, as time went by, I thought it was too dangerous to ignore this affair as very few criticized Ishihara’s hate speeches. Dangerous is this Japanese society that tolerates discrimination and xenophobia, rather than Ishihara himself. (Ichihanahana)* Photo: Meeting to question “Ishihara’s discriminatory remarks” joined by 357 (Nakano, Tokyo on January 14, 2011)

 今回の石原発言を聞いた直後は、「また!」という怒りよりも、「またか」という諦めに近い感情を抱いてしまった。怒りの感情を持ったことはもちろんのことであるが、同時に「ああ、またコイツ言っているよ」というキワモノ扱いをして終わりにしようとする自分がいた。どうせ4月に任期が終るのだから、と。石原の言動には何度も傷つけられてきたから、感覚が麻痺してしまったのかもしれない。しかし日が経つにつれて、あまりにも石原発言への批判の世論が小さいのを見て、これはまずいのではないかと思えてきた。石原個人がまずいというよりも、差別・排外主義者を通すこの社会が。(壱花花)  *写真=357人が参加した「石原発言」集会(1/14・東京中野)

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