Thursday, February 10, 2011

Irresponsible! Company Revived Old JAL Logo ~ 300 Protest at Headquarters in Anger

About 300 people gathered in front of Japan Airlines headquarters in Tokyo’s Tennozu Isle to protest against a mass layoff on Jan. 25 with more than 50 union flags raised.
Leading plaintiff, Taeko Uchida (flight attendant), shouted at the executive office in JAL building. “You spent 8.6 billion yen to revive the crane logo,” Uchida said. “This reminds all of us of the major JAL accident. If the management fails to think about it, that by itself proves the company is irresponsible.” Another leading plaintiff, Yamaguchi (cabin crew), said, “I am going to the unemployment office tomorrow. Chairman Kazuo Inamori told us last January that he would make an effort to make all the employees happy. Is this the happiness you were talking about, to send your workers to the unemployment office?” JAL members expressed anger one after another. (By M) See video clips of Uchida’s speech, interview with a flight attendant. Cabin Crew Union HP

 1月25日午後3時から、整理解雇後初の社前抗議行動が取り組まれた。東京・天王洲アイルのJALビルの前には50以上の組合旗がたなびき、約300人が集まった。内田原告団長(客室乗務員)は、JALビルの役員室に向かって声をふりしぼる。「あなたたちは86億円もかけて鶴丸ロゴを復活させた。あのロゴは日航事故の歴史を思い出させるロゴでもあるんです。そうした気持ちに心を馳せることのできない経営者は、それだけでも失格です!」。山口原告団長(運航乗務員)は「私は明日ハローワークに行く。稲盛会長は昨年1月に社員の幸せのために努力する、と言った。あなたの幸せとは社員をハローワークに送り込むことか!」。発言は「怒り、怒り」の連続だった。(M) ・動画(内田団長の訴え) ・動画(客室乗務員インタビュー) ・キャビンクルーユニオンHP 

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