Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Calls for Discrimination Clause ~ ‘International Women’s Day Rally in Aichi’

Some 110 people gathered for the 2011 International Women’s Day Aichi Rally on March 8. “This is the day, when women across the world stood up 101 years ago for suffrage, protest against war and for food,” Masue Ando, director of Shin-Nihon Fujin Aichi headquarters and a committee of the rally. “We should work to improve the quality of life as well as winning our rights. Isoko Mizuno of a group of women in Aichi to protect Article 9 introduced a story of a woman secretary general who moved to Japan four months ago. “When my husband learned that I was coming to Japan for work, he decided to quick his job and we both came together,” she said. (By Toru Sakai)


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