Wednesday, April 6, 2011

‘Earthquake is natural disaster; Nuclear explosion human error’~Makoto Yanagida on Labornet TV

Fukushima nuclear plant “is in a fairly dangerous sate,” Makoto Yanagida, representative of Tanpopo-sha, said on Labornet TV on March 17 as he explained other issues related to radiation and evacuation in simple terms.
“We need no electricity that forces deadly work to our fellow working men,” Yanagida said at the end of the program. “We must alternate the source of electricity with coal, hydro and recycled energy. An earthquake may be natural disaster, but the nuclear explosion is caused by a human error. The central government and TEPCO must be held accountable for this. To turn this crisis around to a better future, we should rely on nuclear power plants. I will continue speaking out for the next generation.” Tanpopo-sha plans to hold a rally and a series of lectures on the current state of the power plant and tips on protection against radiation. The lecture is from March 18 thorugh 21. (By M) See archive (Tanpopo-sha starts at 15 minutes into the program) Tanpopo-sha HP

 3月17日に放送された「レイバーネットTV」で、たんぽぽ舎共同代表の柳田真さん(写真)は、「東電がデータを出さないのでわからない事だらけだが、福島原発はかなりヤバイ状況である」として、放射能対策や疎開問題などについてわかりやすく語った。そして最後に「働く仲間に“死の労働”を強いて作る電力はいらない。火力・水力・再生エネルギーの方向に変えていくべきだ。地震は天災だが原発事故は人災だ。国と電力会社の責任は大きい。この災いを転じていい方向にするためにも、もう原発に頼るのはやめよう。子・孫の世代を守るため、私は全力で頑張りたい」と述べた。なお、たんぽぽ舎は18~21日に集会・連続講座をもち、市民に「事故の現状・放射能対策」の情報提供をする。(M) アーカイブ視聴(たんぽぽ舎は15分から) ・たんぽぽ舎HP

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