Wednesday, April 6, 2011

“Relief team without a name” Relief activity at Minamisanriku

This is a report of our relief activities in the town of Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture. Our union, Zentoitsu Union, and the Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan set up a“Relief team without a name”to support tsunami survivors, especially migrant workers. The team sent its first load of relief goods on March 20. The next load was sent on March 27 with a 10 ton truck. A volunteer acupuncturit was on the truck to care the survivors. The acupuncture service went on for four hours and the patients were eager for another service next week. There were two moving encounters. We were able to find out and meet the ex-president of the union local at Shizugawa super market. This relief activity started from concerns for his safety. Second, we met a group of thirteen Filipinas, who were helping to sort out the relief goods. They all lost their living by tsunami. We were able to get information of other foreigners living in the local community.
(TORII Ippei, Zentoitsu Union)
Photo: Loading the truck with relief goods

宮城県南三陸町への救援活動について報告します。第2便:3/27(日)4:000ハイム化粧品出発、11:30南三陸町に到着、16:00南三陸町を出発、22:15ハイムに帰着。救援物資は10トン車に満載。12:00~16:00同行の鍼灸師ボランティアによる被災者へのケア活動を行いました。当初けげんな様子でしたが、終了時には「来週も来てくれるのか」と期待されるようになりました。うれしい出会い。ひとつめ。南三陸町への救援のきっかけとなった志津川スーパーマーケットの元分会長の生存を確認し、涙と握手の再会。ふたつめ。地域の一員として救援物資の仕分け作業に参加するフィリピン人グループとの出会い。彼女たちも皆、家を流されたとのこと。13人ほど居るそうです。他の外国籍のひとたちの消息も尋ねました。(全統一労組・鳥井)  *写真=積み込みの様子

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