Wednesday, April 6, 2011

‘I will not forgive you, Governor Ishihara’; Yoshikazu Takahashi of Sendai Says

I am in Sendai City. I was finally able to confirm safety of the union members and their families. I assume the areas along Sanriku coast are completely destroyed. It may take more than 10 years to reconstruct the areas. It seems like there are bodies being washed up at the coast where I used to go fishing all the time. We don’t know where to even start. I have so much to say to TEPCO and the government. The situation became serious because they forced the nuclear plants upon the locals by saying that it was safe. The company’s vows on safety and emergency countermeasures were all a myth and a lie. A warning has been issued, but elderly and the sick people are left behind. No one can go and rescue them. The DVD rental store, TUTAYA, invited people to come and rent a video or two to take a break from a flood of earthquake news. What are they thinking? People are made. And Ishihara. I will never forgive him. An apology is not enough. It is unbelievable that he acts as though he knows it all, being in Tokyo. I want the people in Tokyo to hear me. (Yoshikazu Takahashi, Electric Union, Miyagi Godo) Report from Miyagi Zenrokyo HP

 仙台市内にいる。今日やっと組合員とその家族の安否が確認できた。三陸沿海部は全滅だろう。10年は復興難しいのではないか。よく釣りに行っていたところも遺体が流れ着いているようだが、手のつけようがない。東電、政府の対応には言いたいことだらけだ。安全と言って地元に押し付けた原発での深刻な事故。安全神話も事故対応もぜんぶ嘘っぱちだった。いま避難指示が出ているが、お年寄りや病人などが取り残されている。だれも助けに行けない。ビデオレンタルのTUTAYAが「地震のニュースばかりであきたでしょうからDVDでも借りに来て」というCMを流したが、何を考えているのか。みんな怒っている。それと石原だ。あいつだけは絶対に許さない。謝ったから済む問題ではない。東京にいて何を偉そうなことを言っているのだ。東京の人に必ず伝えてほしい。(電通労組、宮城合同・高橋喜一) 報告・宮城全労協HP  *写真=宮城全労協HPより

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