Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stop Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant! 450 march in Nagoya.

In the morning of March 27, 450 people gathered in central Nagoya city for a demonstration to stop the operation of Hamaoka nuclear power plant run by the Chubu Electric Power Company. They paraded the busy streets  with colorful placards in their hands. The rally started at 10:30, by which time the venue, Hisaya Odori Park Bus Terminal, was packed with people. They were all desperate  to do something about the nuclear crisis. The participants all had brought colorful placards showing their personal messages. The  parade was called for by young leaders, so it was full of innovative expression. (KIMURA Jo)

名古屋: 脱原発を歩こう!~ストップ浜岡パレードに450人

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