Sunday, May 29, 2011

Children want to eat healthy vegetables! 300 march at Nuclear Free Walk in Shiga

On May 8th, the Nuclear Free Citizens' Walk was held in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. Buddhist priests from the Nihonzan Myohoji [pro-peace Buddhist sect] in Tokyo attended the demonstration, which started from JR Otshu Station. There were speeches in front of the Prefectural office building and the participants marched an hour and a half along Lake Biwa to the Shiga Branch office of the Kansai Electric Power Company. By the end of the march, 300 people had joined. Children in the march chanted energetically in support of the children in Fukushima, “Children want to eat healthy vegetables! ” ”Children want to play baseball outside!” I also chanted in a loud voice to defend the future of children. I heard afterwards that these children were from a remote school in a mountain village near Fukui Prefecture and that there were 6 children attending the march out of the total 8 pupils of the school. (Y.K)


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