Sunday, May 1, 2011

No nukes! Take responsibility for nuclear disaster! 350 gather in front of TEPCO and METI

At 2 PM on April 3, 2011, 350 people protested the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in central Tokyo. The majority of the demonstrators at the TEPCO headquarters were women. One of them carried a placard, saying, “Stop nuclear power plants. That’s what I want to say”. A young man, who was broadcasting live stream, said, “I’m doing this as the corporate media do not report it”. The majority of the media were international ones, but some Japanese TV stations, such as TBS and Nippon Television, sent their crews to cover an anti-nuke demonstration for the first time. Many demanded during the rally that the Hamaoka and other nuclear power plants be stopped. Pak Bo, a musician, made a live performance, expressing anger, “Stop nuclear power plants, contaminating the earth”. Then, the demonstrators continued their protest against the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. (M) Photo flash Video (UnionTube)

4月3日午後2時、肌寒い東京・内幸町の東京電力前で抗議行動が行われた。参加者は続々と増え、これまで最高の350人に達した。女性の姿が目立つ。「もう原発をやめてほしい。このことを直接訴えたくてきた」と手製のプラカードをもった女性。ノートパソコンを手にユーストリーム中継をしている若者は、「マスコミが伝えないから自分でやろうと思った」という。この日も圧倒的に海外メディアの取材が目立ったが、TBS・日テレが初めてテレビクルーを出した。集会では、浜岡原発の停止を訴えるマイクアピールが続く。朴保は路上ライブで「原発やめよう、地球が汚れている」と声の限り、怒りを表現した。参加者はそのまま経産省・原子力保安院前に移り、抗議行動を続けた。(M) 写真速報  ・動画(UnionTube)  

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