Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some 1,500 Walked in Protest against Nuclear Power Plant “Vegi Demo” in Shibuya

A “Vegetable Demonstration” was held in Tokyo’s busy Shibuya district on April 16 in protest against nuclear power plants. Ever since the TEPCO plants in Fukushima exploded, farm produces, vegetables and animals have been exposed to radiation. Farmers can no longer grow vegetables. Who drove them into this difficulty? Farmers in Ibaraki and Chiba prefectures, as well as a young man whose family farms in Fukushima, spoke at the rally. Nearly 1,500 people marched through town dressed up in vegetables and animals with children who wore anti-nuke masks. Humans, vegetables or animals, no matter what we are, we must create a society free of radiation and concerns over our health and safety. By Shingo Yamada, General Union of Young Workers in Tokyo; Photo by Y

 4月16日、東京・渋谷で反原発を訴える野菜デモがおこなわれた。福島原発が事故を起こして以来、農作物や家畜が危険な目に晒されている。農漁民は収穫することができず、生産活動を諦めなければいけない事態が起こったのはだれのせいだ? 茨城・千葉の農民、実家のある福島での苦境を訴える若者たちが集会で発言した。集会後の「野菜デモ」には1500人参加し、野菜や動物の仮装をした者や原発反対のお面をかぶった子どもも参加した。人間も野菜も動物も、放射能を心配せずに生きていける社会にしよう。(首都圏青年ユニオン・山田) ・写真(Y)

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