Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Come out, Ishihara! Protest at Tokyo Government against Governor’s Discriminatory Remark on Gays

People gathered to protest against discriminatory remarks on gays by Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara on April 16. The demonstrators marched from a park in Tokyo’s Shinjuku entertainment district. They walked on Shokuan-dori Street, where fans of Korean pop culture visit, and drew attention from the passersby and cars driving by. They stood out with rainbow flags and photos of Ishihara with a big cross over his mouth as they approached the main station. The signs read, “Sexual minority may be living next to you,” aside from the angry protest slogans. It’s true that Ishihara’s remarks are not only the problem he is blamed for. The Tokyo citizen’s consciousness is in question that allowed Ishihara’s re-election as a government. (By Ichihanahana)

石原出てこい! 都庁に向かって同性愛者差別発言に抗議デモ

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