Monday, May 2, 2011

Decommission 10 nuclear reactors in Fukushima now! 26,000 signatures filed to TEPCO and Cabinet Office

On April 14, 2011, a group of people demanding “decommissioning” of all of the ten nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan, filed 26,000 signatures to the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the Cabinet Office. Furusho Toshiko, a member of the group, said after filing the signatures, “We tried to collect signatures after we had learned that Hara Masao, mayor of Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture demanded the company and Kaieda Banri, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry have the Fukushima nuclear power plants decommissioned. We residents in Tokyo are using electricity generated in Fukushima, 250 km north of Tokyo. We are also perpetrators. We would like to join hands with the local residents in Fukushima”. The group’s campaign has spread to Fukushima and all over Japan. The campaign messages have been translated into English and German, and some signatures have been sent to the group from overseas. More signatures are wanted and will be filed to TEPCO and the Cabinet Office in the week of May 9. At the meeting after the signatures were filed, there was a vivid report from Oga Ayako, a resident in Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture, in which the four troubled nuclear reactors are built. (S) – Video: Speech by Ms. Oga * Photo: Group members in front of TEPCO HQ

4月14日、福島原発の「廃炉」を求める有志の会は、東京電力と内閣府に「福島原発全10基の廃炉を求める」署名2万6千筆(第一次集約分)を提出した。提出後の院内集会で有志の会の古荘斗糸子さんは、「3月19日に原正夫郡山市長が東電と海江田経産大臣に『廃炉』を求めたことを知り、署名運動を思い立った。福島で作られた電気を東京の私たちが使っている。私たちは加害者でもある。地元と連帯したい」と語った。署名開始後、福島現地やその他の地域からも電話やメールが相次ぎ、運動は全国に広がった。英語、ドイツ語にも翻訳され、海外からも届いている。署名は引き続き募集中。連休明けには第二次集約分を提出する予定だ。また院内集会では、大熊町から避難した大賀あや子さんの生々しい報告があった。(S) ・動画(大賀さんの話) *写真=東電前に集まった有志の会

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